Experiment #1 Follow up

So far my experiment is working.  At the moment I am teaching a module in Dental Radiology. I decided to change my approach and I created an assignment for the students on a topic I would normally lecture on for about 60 minutes, Digital radiography.  I gave them clear learning objectives and the outcomes that were expected of them.  I said “the world is your oyster” meaning they were free to find their own resources (as long as they were properly sited ).

The object of the assignment was to show me that they had learned the material in whatever manner worked best for them, but they had to teach it back to me to show me they understood the subject matter.  They could write a paper, could create a presentation, or write a piece of music, etc. All I needed from them was to show me that they had reached the learning outcomes.

The final results are not in yet.  The due date is this Friday.  I will keep you posted!!


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